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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A great laugh..............

It has been quite some time since I made a posting. A lot of things did happen. Some very good things in life. Some very enjoyable moments some funny, some good amount of learning and some very very unfortunate stuff.

Out of the lot, I thought, I should post one of the most funniest incidents in the recent past....

I had quit my previous company and have joined Cognizant exactly two weeks earlier(to the incident). I am now new to this Banking project which includes a lot of new technologies and development methodologies and a lot more stuff.

Well.. one fine day, I had decided to go to office in my motor bike instead of the usual Office Bus. The occasion being having to pickup some one from the railway station.

It was 8:30 PM and I was still in office. I was very very busy and was having a lot of meetings that day. I had to take excuse from my supervisors so as to leave office at that time. I was very very tired. I came running to the bus and boarded the bus... well.. I forgot that I had come to office in a bike.

I was sitting in the bus and was talking to one of my new-teammates who was also traveling in the same bus. Then all of a sudden, I remembered that, I had come to office on a motor bike and not by bus. So.. I excused myself and started to get down. When my team mate and another new-joinee girl asked me what I was up to, I told them the truth. Well... now was when the biggest joke happened. the other new joinee, who had joined along with me, started laughing hysterically. She wasn't able to accept the fact that I would tell her the truth. She advised me never again to tell such truths to any girl, and that I should excuse myself sighting other reasons, masking my stupidity.

The next day in office, my team mate had a good laugh, still thinking of the other girl's laughter.... :-))